Monday, December 20

Newly Signed Dan Wheeler on Crawford: Prepare to be Amazed

When speaking of Carl Crawford....

"I know Red Sox fans have seen him a lot over the years but when you watch him day-in-and day out you're going to see things that will amaze you. For me as a pitcher, I'm telling you, it's great to see him out there in left field. He's a highlight film on just about every play." - Dan Wheeler

You know, I always knew I liked you Dan Wheeler.  The man is from Rhode Island, and clearly he knows exactly what to say to get in good with an obsessive fan base.  I'm not going to lie, after reading that quote I wanted to buy a Dan Wheeler jersey almost as much as a Crawford one. 

No Debbie Downer here, D Wheel is in the here to rep RI and keep the positive clubhouse emotion alive.....and maybe eat some middle innings as well.

Keep up the good work D Wheel, you're just another piece in what is quickly becoming the perfect storm of an off season. I'm all sorts of excited.

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