Friday, December 10

Carl Crawford: Working Harder Than You Since 1981

Gordo Edes had this as a late night post, and I must say, I'm impressed (granted, at this point, Carl Crawford could spit in a baby's face and I'd be impressed). The real CC is doing some crazy workouts, stuff I've never seen before.

Either way, this video tells me Carl Crawford means business, I can see him and Pedey battling it out in the weight room while Big Papi just saunters through at a slow pace eating chips and his salsa.

"I know what other people do, and they don't do this." I love it.


Soxin11' said...


Love the recent vids, and Theo isn't bashing Cashman he's just speaking the truth.

And Carl Crawford reminds me of Shrek for some reason.

ITM-Vicino said...

Sox...agreed on baseball being back, every once and a while, Boston needs to be reminded that it's still a baseball town, that's all.

And I see the Shrek think, since something about Hume reminds me of Big Baby, I mist agree.

Is it time for Spring Training yet? A few of us are thinking of growing out mustaches and/or neck tattoos to Ft Myers in 2011.

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