Wednesday, December 15

My Main Man: Iggy Being Iggy

As if you needed another reason to be excited for Spring Training and the future of the Red Sox....let's not forget about Iggy.  One of the best parts of landing AGon was that we didn't have to give up Iggy...aka, Boston's future shortstop (projected starter in 2012).

I'm not even sure what happened around the 13 second mark, all I know is I'm amazed.  The glove work alone has me excited to see what this kid can do at the big league level.  This video is actually from November after he poured all over the Arizona Fall League (earning a spot as one of the top performers in the league).

Also, Dice-K...listen up, the man already speaks better English than you do, and word on the street is that's he's doing more and more interviews in English, hoping to fully transition.  He's also studying US history.

Great work again sign some quality bullpen arms would ya?

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