Tuesday, December 14

Stark: Ellsbury Trade A Possibility

"I think it opens that possibility," said Stark. "No doubt about it. The sense I get is that they are very content with how their team and outfield shapes up right now. But they've got four everyday outfielders and an everyday DH, so any time you are sitting in that spot it's a great place to be. They're in the driver's seat now, they can totally call their own shots here and control where their off-season goes from here. Anything they do now, they do from strength. That's not the case with the Yankees."

We have four everyday outfielders?  Really?  As far as I know JD can never be relied on for health, Mike Cameron is still very much a question mark, and Jacoby hasn't played baseball in a year......and Ryan Kalish (somewhat forgotten) is scheduled to start the year in Triple A.

I applaud the Phillies for keeping Lee out of the AL, especially the AL East, but let's not make a stupid deal to thank them (the thought is that Philly now has an abundance of pitching talent they may be willing to deal).

In addition, as a result of injuries etc, Jacoby likely returns less value now than ever.   Now doesn't seem like the logical time to move him.....plus, we're all drooling at the thought of double steals and not a single ball dropping in the left-center gap in 11'.....

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Anonymous said...

It's bull. Better be.

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