Sunday, January 9

Sunday Funday....Going Around the Horn

It’s been a while since I’ve posted much of anything as we’re officially in the winter doldrums. That said, I’ll quickly go around the horn….

• Mike Cameron wants to stay in Boston despite the Sox bringing in Carl Crawford… surprise there, JD will likely go down with a hangnail in late April. Plus, Mikey sees the writing on the wall, this team has “special” potential.

• The Sox will not be bringing in the right field fences. Apparently, the Boston Historical Society could care less if Daniel Bard gets drilled in the head in their European style bullpen. (ITM note, the Sox still think this will happen in the upcoming years)

• I’m pumped about Max Ramirez joining the Sox. The team certainly needs the depth at the catcher position, plus, given his history with Boston (re: Mike Lowell trade), I’m glad he finally got here.

• I still can’t believe Beltre got that kind of money. I mean, good for him, but Texas will regretting that deal by 2013. Also, Pedey’s quote on Beltre was great…. “He wants to win. He plays great defense -- he gets to a ton of balls at third base” Nice Pedey, Nice.

• Speaking of balls, Buckner is going to coach the Brockton Rox huh? Good for him. Lock your doors though Billy boy, lock your doors.

A last point, come February, I’ll be heading across the pond to spend 6 months in London for work…’s likely to result in some ridiculous posts about their terrible ability to appreciate baseball, and my inability to conform to any of the cultural differences. Stay tuned....5 weeks until pitchers and catchers....

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