Friday, January 14

Bobby Jenks Looks Ready....Kinda....

Bobby Jenks everyone.  He literally looks like he just rolled out of bed and started throwing the baseball.  If I walked by that guy on Boylston street I would assume he was either a cab driver or carpenter from Southie. 

But let's be honest, the "I usually do everything on my own" line has to stop....not with Pedroia in that locker room.  In fact, according to the WEEI article, it's already started....

 "Right now I'm further ahead than I ever have been. Hopefully that will speak for itself once the season starts."
"It is all part of the metamorphosis for Jenks. About 30 minutes into his workout, he is presented with another alteration.
"Is he like this all the time," the pitcher asks Frandsen, referring to the never-ending stream of Pedroia-isms.
"You haven't seen anything yet," Frandsen responded.

(A few moments earlier, Pedroia could be found flexing while yelling over to Jenks, "This is what you'll have playing behind you this season!")"

Oh  Bobby Jenks, so much to learn, so little time. 

In all seriousness though, I'm eager to see he can bring to the table for the Sox.  An effective Jenks, coupled with Bard's sauce and any kind of return to normalcy for Pap will mean a significantly improved bullpen for the Sox.    While the Yank's recent move of picking of Soriano has New Yorkers claiming to have the best bullpen in the league, the Sox aren't exactly petting kittens over here either.

....I don't even know what that last line really means.  Game on.

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