Tuesday, February 15

D Bard Has Had a Good Offseason...

D Bard huh?  I always thought he was more Napoleon Dynamite than a popular clubhouse jokester...which still may be the case.....but I gotta give it to the guy, he's clearly put in some hard work in the offseason.

A 100mph heater and the ability to make fun of himself?  That's truly rare. 

That said, D Bard should really consider the future implications of interviews like this.  People like Pedroia don't let these things go easily, as a result, he'll likely have a ridiculous nickname for the rest of his career.  A nickname that Pedroia will drive home by screaming it day in and day out during Spring Training.....to the point where Dan Shaughnesy is even using it.....and that's a situation no one wants to be in.

This video somehow confirms that Pedey is an animal.  Bring on Spring Training.

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