Saturday, February 19

Jimmy Edmonds Calls It Quits

Jim Edmonds has decided to hang up his cleats at the age of 40.  I can't say I blame the guy, his doctors have pretty much told him that his achilles is bound to rupture if he was to start up spring training.  Believe me, that's nothing fun to deal with.

Why is ITM blogging about a retiring NL center fielder?  Because I still believe that his catch is the best I've ever seen.  He pretty much said to Willie Mays, "See how much I poured?".  Sure the Gary Mathews Jr. over the wall catch was impressive, but "the catch"  by Jimmy E (can I call him that?) still amazes me some 10 years later.

Players rob home runs (with varying levels of impressiveness) on a weekly basis, but no one has recreated that catch by Edmonds.  It's a special play that I'll never forget.  So with that, congrats goes out to Jimmy Edmonds.  Straight class homie.

ITM Note:  I made a similar, diving backwards over my shoulder, catch in high school....and pretty much ruined my shoulder.  Out for the season.  Then, some 7 years later I ruptured the hell out of my left a result, I consider Jimmy E a brother.

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