Friday, February 11

Going to Spring Training Means Different Things To Different People....

Quick post as I'm sinking adult beverages on my flight home from Brazil....

It's been hard not to get robbed and keep up with Sox news while down here on business, but I'm doing my best. Random thought, doesn't it seem like evey year you hear that everyone is reporting to Spring Training in the "best shape of their career"?

Anyways, I was talkin to a colleuge today, she works in one of our European Offices but has been interacting with me on a daily basis for years. She knows that every year I go to Florida for Spring Training, but simply thinks I go down there to actually play baseball and train for the upcoming summer season.

Little does she know it's the complete opposite occurrence. Sinking beers, obsessing about a game we dont play, and making bets on March Madness games for the next bucket of beers is what realty occurs.

I didn't have th heart to tell her, so I simply let her go on thinking we're actually down there "training".

Whatever allows you to sleep at night right? Can't wait for next month...go Sox.

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