Saturday, February 5

Progress on Fenway's Improvements....

As if the signings of AGon, Carl Crawford, and bolsting the bullpen didn't have us excited enough about the Red Sox 2011 season. .... Given all the singings and offseason movements, I had forgotten about the improvements being made to ballpark in the Fens.

I'm excited to make my way home from London in late July and get to as many games as possible.  Revamping gate D is needed, (it's a sea of bottlenecks) and I'm interested to see the difference in the center field jumbotron.

That said, doesn't this dude in the video seem like he should stay in the server room playing with computer geek stuff, and not down in the construction zone that is concourse D?  Stick to what you know buddy.

Truck day, it's coming.  Baseball.  It's coming. 

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