Monday, February 21

I've Been in London for 48 Hours and I'm Already Freaking Out

How do you say Stud in Spanish?....

- I missed team photo day? Really? I can only assume Manny was late.

- A Gon was cleared to swing a bat and take BP? Ahead of schedule nonetheless?  Why haven't I printed my planned "ITM-Arriba Bitches!" T-shirts?

- Joba is getting heat for being super fat in NYC? I wish I could buy the NY Post just for the back page.

48 hours into my nearly 6 month stint in the UK and I already feel like I'm "missing" everything. Granted, being in Boston wouldn't be much different seeing how the team is in Ft Myers, and not everyone is quite on the same level of Red Sox infatuation as I am of yet...but those days are coming.

Yesterday was technically day one in London. I dragged my wife to three different pubs close by our "flat", as expected, no baseball...only some crazies playing "soccer".

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually some what of a soccer fan, but let's get serious, I need the Sox. "Yeah I golf on Sunday, but I hate golf."

I totally forced that Old School quote, but somehow it's worth it.

Anyways, I'll make it a mission of mine to search out some kind of semblance of baseball while I'm here. I don't care if I have to start a facebook fan page/revolution and pay off the bar to purchase the channel in order to play he Sox game, I need to make this happen.

If and when I fail miserably at the above, I'll turn to and just stream some Sox games through my computer at 2am local time here across the pond....the wife will love that.

All that said, I'm flying back to the States for 4 days of Spring Training greatness in less than a month.  The greatest use of 20,000 American Airline miles ever.


Anonymous said...

20K miles, that's it! That's a steal. I'd come back for a game or two then if I were you.

DVicino said...

You got me, whoever you are. It was actually 20K each way, for a total of 40K. I'll blame the jetlag on the dodgy math.

But I don't care, it's more than worth it....have you seen Heidi?

Anonymous said...

Going to London where most of the sox games will be played in the wee hours of the day because you choose to be with your beautiful wife is the ultimate sacrifice and and expression of your love. You'll be back when the games become even more important for you fanatics. In the mean time I guess you'll have to get by through vacations in Fort Myers, Portugal, Paris, etc. Our sox will be in 1st place waiting for you when you get back. Sorry if I don't sound too sympathetic. Say hello to Heidi for me!

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