Thursday, March 3

Coco Covelli: Miggy Cabrera Style  PHOENIX -- "Major league security officials met with the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday and delivered their annual spring lecture to the players on the pitfalls of their profession. One of the subjects discussed was the danger of drinking and driving.

Coco Crisp attended the meeting. Hours earlier he was in jail.

Crisp was arrested early Wednesday in Scottsdale, Ariz., on suspicion of drunk driving, the third major league player to be charged with DUI during spring training."

Someone wasn't listening during the meeting huh?

He hits a grand salami off of my main man Matty Garza in his first spring training game....then goes all Charlie Sheen/Miggy Cabrera on us. 

Remember when we signed Crisp and thought he would be our outfield's rock for years to come?  We were so excited for his speed and glove.  Now look at us.  See how much we poured?

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