Friday, March 4

Show Some Pride New York....

Saw this SportsNation poll recently on Barstool Philly (huh?...I know right?)

Anyways, the obvious question is who are these "other" teams (Joe Murph says Wisconsin voted for the Packers, and Tim firmly believes it's the Pirates taking votes). 

Either way, the biggest thing that jumps out at me is the state of New York. Show some pride huh? Terrible, just terrible. The Phillies?  I thought "the baby New York" was supposed to be a geographical and hated rival? 

Meanwhile, all of New England will apparently punch you in the face if you tell them that the Red Sox are not winning the World Series. That said, more states should be drinking the kool aid that is Red Sox fever...I'm sinking bottles of it here in London.

Bone up America, show some pride New York....we'll show you both.


NYsucks said...

There's a lot, a lot of culture there.

Anonymous said...

cheese steak

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