Friday, March 11

Dice-K - Fading Significance

Ho-Hum, just another day at the office for Dice-K.....getting shelled but saying he feels great....

....and least tell us you were "working on some new pitches".....

I woke up in London this morning to read that Dice-K's ERA sits at 11.42, and while I absolutely realize it's just spring training, I'm starting to wonder if I should begin to at least consider being worried.

In the grand scheme of things, Dice-K's effectiveness in 2011 is quite far down on the list of priorities for the Sox (behind things like overall health, Beckett, Pap, Lackey, Ortiz, etc). That said, we can't forget how much Boston shelled out for a guy who has quickly become a joke.

We've all seen it before, Dice-K has the talent and ability to be dominating, but those flashes are few and far between. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we bought into the Dice-K hype, and we're (quite literally) paying for it.

The Dice Man has gone from the main attraction, to an afterthought. How much does it really matter to this Red Sox team? The answer lies in Beckett and Lackey. If they can return to form, stay healthy, and be effective (I'm not asking for Ace material, just effective), then anything we get out of Dice-K is gravy.

If Beckett and Lackey throw up on themselves again in 2011, Dice-K's inability to be a fifth starter will become a big issue.

Attack hitters, don't nibble, and for God's sake get through 4 innings in under 2 hours. We'd all appreciate it.

Like Dice-K, Boston's rotation has the potential to be absolutely filthy, we're all just waiting for it to come together.

PS: Prior to hitting "post" on this blog, I considered holding off given the terrible earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Something about the current events and calling out Dice-K didn't feel right. As you can tell, I quickly got over it. Go Sox.

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