Monday, March 7

Pedroia to Karl Ravech: I'm Challenging You to a Fistfight

And the golden videos just keep coming.  Look, it's not like all I want to do is post videos, I'd love to sneak in some legit Red Sox posts at some point.....but I can't not post this.  It's simply too good, too it enables me to keep in touch with Pedey's craziness from the other side of the pond here in London.

Also, how many phone books does Ravech sit under while hosting Baseball Tonight?  Not that I'm a giant, but anyone who is visibly smaller than Pedey can't possibly see above the desk at ESPN studios right?

Regardless, Pedey wins this fight going away.   He's got youth, size and utter insanity on his side. I'd put my money Ravech tapping out after about 28 seconds, 12 of which would be in the cross-faced chicken wing wrestling move.

I should also mention that I'd choose to fight about half the guys on the Red Sox team prior to Pedey.  As a crazy old Italian guy once told me back home "you gotta watch out for the little guys, especially the crazy ones."  Spot on Joe, spot on.

Can't wait to watch Pedey hit lasers down in Ft Myers in about 10 days. 

PS:  While walking the streets of London's West End yesterday, I saw someone wearing a Red Sox hat.  You would have thought Heidi Watney walked by me in a bikini.  I was beside myself with excitement.  Turns out the guy was from Asia and probably wanted to run away from me after seeing my crazy face.  Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

I'd take Pedroia with the points.

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