Saturday, March 26

Finally, I Found One...

It has taken over a month, but I finally found a fellow Red Sox fan alive and in person here in London.  I have the feeling this is only the's an irrational belief that once the season gets going next week, Red Sox Nation will come out in numbers across the pond.

I also saw a 6 year old kid with Red Sox hat today when we were near the London eye...but it was clearly brand new, and he was from Spain, so that was a bummer.  Poor kid had no clue why I was so excited....pretty sure his parents threatened to call the cops on me too.

That said, ITM has received multiple emails about establishing a London-based Red Sox fan spot.  There are a few pubs around London that carry American sports, but perhaps we'll establish our own Red Sox'll take a lot of work, and a lot of pints....but we may just get there.

ITM note:  Who's worried about our pitching staff right now?  Collective ERA of what seems like 13 (it's a bit lower in actuality, but not enough to make me feel good).  I know, I know, it's only spring training, but don't tell me you're not at least a bit worried.

Go Sox...Go London....Go Boston.  Just Go.


theresa said...

its confirmed that the 8th april game against nyy will be at sportscafe on haymarket --- let's get some numbers!

Billy said...

Fuck the Yankees---Go Sox, from 02127!!!

DVicino said...

@Theresa, that's great news. We should definitely try to rally the Red Sox troops! Keep me in the loop!

@Billy: way to represent Boston...god damn I miss being there today!

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