Monday, March 28

Mr. April, and Now a Slumlord Too

TEMPLE TERRACE, FL. - He is the owner of a World Series ring, a $275 million-dollar contract and three American League Most Valuable Player Awards. Alex Rodriguez is also the owner of the Normandy Park Luxury Apartment and Townhouse complex in Temple Terrace, Florida.

While most of the world knows the New York Yankees’ third baseman as ‘A-Rod,’ a tenant of Normandy Park calls him something else.

“He’s a slumlord,” says Vince, who would only give his first name. “I’ll call it just as I see it.”....

...“You got leaky faucets, leaky bathrooms, screens coming off, dog feces everywhere,” said a tenant who did not want to be identified.

Residents complain to on-site management about the trash strewn along the complexes walkways because there aren’t enough dumpsters.

The biggest complaint among tenants currently is the development’s swimming pool. Residents say it’s been a mess and unusable for about three years. The pool is always full of bacteria,” says another tenant who did not want to be identified."

Got this from a buddy of mine, don't ask me how he got to Fox News Latino...he's one of the most overwhelmingly Irish American guys in the history of Earth. He's reached the end of the Internet seven times in his life, clearly today makes eight.

Question my buddy's Internet search habits if you want, but this story seems too good to be true right? I mean, this guy simply can't do anything right, and I can't get enough of it.

I mean, by next week, I fully expect he'll be in the news for stealing a baby, a kicking a puppy on his way to the getaway car.  To read the entire article, (I promise Fox News Latino is not a fake, virus-filled porn site) check it out here.

Opening day is getting so close, this story just feeds my excitement for baseball....and hatred for Arod.  Get pumped.

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Soxin11' said...

Breaking news, Arod just refused to donate to Japan.

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