Thursday, March 17

From London to Ft Myers

Today is the day. After about a million "get excited" emails between T Murph, Joe Murph, my brother and I, our annual trip to Ft Myers begins today.

All the prep work and due diligence has been done and compiled, each year the trip gets better. Given this year's offseason moves, I'm not sure if it's possible for the four of us to be more excited than we are.

It's a guys trip to the fullest. Beginning with St Patricks day drinking at the airport, filled with a ton of red sox baseball, fierce betting competition over March Madness, and a sincere appreciation for a bucket or 5 beers for 5 dollars.

The only difference is this year I'm flying over from London. Where a bucket of 5 beers would cost me 50 bucks. Time for some 5 hour energy drinks and red bulls to get me through what is sure to be a fantastic, but rough weekend.

Currently getting the trip off to a good start with a beer at 9am...London myself.

And begin. Check back for updates. No promises.


Vicino13 said...

giddy up man - safe travels - see you in a few.

Kristine said...

Oh we expect updates for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

Be carefully!! MOM

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