Friday, March 18

ITM in Ft Myers: Day One, Game One - Game On

It's our first real day in Ft Myers....and the trip is already living up to expectations.  We're currently in between games (that's right, we went to the minor league complex, followed by the Sox game at City of Palms Park, and now we're driving up to Port Charlotte to see the nightcap Sox vs Rays....all while slightly hungover).

It's been a solid 86 and sunny here today...making the Murphy's retreat to the shade, but here are a few pics thus far....

Lineups...solid split squad....we'll be checking out Jacoby, Crawford and Drew tonight....

This is the classic pic that we take every year.  It makes me never want to leave.  We were by far the loudest people in the right field bar stool seats.

A grill in the right field area caught fire during the 2nd inning....causing Mike Cameron to slightly freak out in right field since it was so smokey he couldn't see the ball.  While T Murph tried to offer his services, the pros were required.

More as it develops...which it most certainly will...

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