Saturday, April 16

I'm Not Disappointed, I'm Straight Up Angry

Between work, travel, and the amazingly frustrating play of the Red Sox, I decided that a few days away from ITM and blogging was needed. 

I needed an off day or two to shake out the cobwebs, dull my raging anger about all things Red Sox, and foolishly, (going back to my irrational superstitions), I thought that me not blogging would help get them on the right track. 

100 percent wrong. 

The amount of angry texts going back and forth over the Atlantic ocean is at an all time high. 

I honestly can't think of a time when I've been more angry at a Red Sox team.  I've certainly been more disappointed given past postseason tragedies, but never have I had this much anger. 

I simply can't take any more late nights of watching a team implode, or waking up to read the horrible, horrible things members of the Vicino family have texted during yet another loss. 

The Globe's articles say it right, the "it's early" excuse doesn't apply anymore. The Sox are amazingly lucky to only be 5 games out despite their efforts to become the most overhyped and underachieving team of all time...but soon it's going to be "too late". 

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