Monday, April 11

Just Pedey Being Pedey..

Have I mentioned I'm in man love with little Dusty?....

"The way I think about it," Pedroia continued, "we’re four games out of first place with 153 to go. That’s a long-ass way away. I’m not very smart, but it looks doable, what do you think?"
You tell em Pedey. 

I must say I was shocked to see Beckett's line when I woke up here in Amsterdam this morning.  "No &*$#ing way!"  It figures I missed it....sounds like it was 2007 playoff style JB last night.....but if it takes me missing games because I'm 6 hours ahead for that to happen, I'll take it for the team.

Despite being just 2-7....beating the Yankess twice make me feel like we're 4-5.  Those wins count twice in my book.


toosoxy said...

That is a fabulous Pedroia photo!

DVicino said...

you know's Pedey's world and we're all living in it..

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