Thursday, April 7

In An Attempt to Ignore Today's Game: These Heidi Segments Have to Go

I have no words for the amount of anger and frustration resulting from today's game and the overall state of this Red Sox team.  As a result, I'll simply ignore it for now.. 

So if you've read ITM at all you know that this site is borderline infatuated with Heidi Watney.  She's amazing, we love her...she's the best.  A few of us met her in person and had the opportunity to talk to her for a bit....looking back, I really wish T Murph and I were more prepared for that...pretty sure we sounded like nervous 12 year old boys. 

Did I mention she's awesome?

Awesome or not, these food segments gotta go.

I don't know who is making the call there at NESN, but can you please stop putting us all in amazingly awkward situations and taking away from the game. 

I don't care how hot she is, I don't want to see her nearly vomit on the cameraman after eating disgusting piles of crap from Cleveland....and I certainly don't need to listen to the concession stand guy fumble all over himself at the sight of Heidi and a camera.

Stick to the game NESN, stick to the game.

New day tomorrow...back home at Fenway....rivals in town....time to get serious.

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