Friday, April 8

Opening Day At London

As if things weren't bad enough (and I won't go into the specifics that we all already know), today is Opening Day at Fenway Park.....a day that is recognized as an official religious holiday in my family...a day where the focus of all of New England and Red Sox Nation is on Fenway Park....a day where regardless of current record, for a brief moment, all feels right the world.

Not in London.

Most people here don't even know what Fenway Park is, forget opening day for a Red Sox team that is off to its worst start since FDR was in the White House.

I will do the obligatory "cell phone 500" to family and friends back home in the Boston area to build the excitement and discuss the day, but it's simply not the same an ocean away.  First the first time, I won't be in the metro Boston area for Opening Day at Fenway.  I may have just shed a tear.

The good news?  It's Friday, a day game back home, and another sunny day in London with temperatures again approaching 70 degrees (I know, weird right?).

What does that mean?  It means lots of outdoor drinking throughout the city, and with the help of some Londoners who have stumbled onto ITM, we FOUND A BAR THAT IS PLAYING THE GAME ON TV.  (shout out to Theresa here in London who dropped that knowledge into the ITM mailbox)

The Sports Cafe.  I've been doing my best to rally a few people to go there for the game in hopes of attracting a decent enough crowd to convince the owners to broadcast more Sox games. 

In the end, there may only be a few Red Sox fans, but you better believe the owners will hear us screaming....while everyone else stares at us trying to figure out what kind of funny game we're watching (yeah, because cricket and professional dart throwing is real normal).

So we'll see how this goes.  It certainly won't be the same as being back home, but for no reason at all, I'm holding onto a hint optimism.

Go Sox.  Pick it up!

The Sports Cafe....

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