Friday, May 6

Did Heidi Watney Just Call The Sox A Bunch Of Pansies?

Not going to lie, sounds like Heidi is throwing the Sox under the bus here right?  I mean, pretty much saying the Angels wanted it more....this team has no heart, no passion, no fire.

She realized she let her true feelings come out after tilting back a few too many glasses of what I assume to be terrible wine....she did her best to cover her tracks, but the truth is out there....even Heidi can see this team lacks swagger, desire, grit.

Maybe that's what happens to a team when a supposed "big game pitcher" walks out to the mound and gets smacked around and called Susan all over Fenway Park.

ITM Note:  How money is Buchholz though?  I didn't know he had it in him....totally looks like he rolled out of bed after a bender, slicked his hair back, and showed up to an event he had absolutely no idea about.

.....that said, his wife is all sorts of talented.

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