Sunday, May 8

Iggy Called Up...Man Love Escalates

Jose Iglesias was called up to the big leagues earlier today.  He's not expected to play today, tomorrow, or maybe even the next day....but the news alone has me all sorts of excited.

With Scutaro out with a strained oblique, and Pawtucket's Yamaico Navarro going down with an injury last week (who is technically ahead of Iggy on the depth chart), Iggy got the call he's been waiting for.

Personally, I think it's a bit early for the 21 year old Cuban to be in the big time lights, but it was primarily a result of circumstance.

While my (and 94 percent of Red Sox Nation's) expectations for Iggy are irrationally high, there is reason to believe he may indeed be ready for the big show later this year.

In the minor leagues, he's shown the ability to consistent hit the ball, get on base, and make plays on the base paths (while he's not exactly Jacoby, he's a smart base runner who can swipe bags with intelligence as opposed to pure speed).

Multiple scouts have already said Iggy's glove is "major league ready"'s only a matter of time until he gets his time to shine in the Fens and even the Pink Hats learn his name.

With Lowrie currently representing one of Boston's best lineup options, I'm not ready to rush Iggy up to the bigs by any means (personally, I think he's better suited to stay in Pawtucket the entire year).

However, there is nothing wrong with admiring our future short stop and wishing him the best.  Let's just hope unexpected injuries don't rush any of the process.

Go Sox, Go Boston, Go Iggy....just go.

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