Monday, May 16

"I'm Shutting Down the Studio" - ITM Edition

The time has come.  It's time to make official something I've known for well over a year.  It's time to bring ITM to a close.

Simply put; between work, work related travel, living across the Atlantic, and a number of other endeavors I'm currently pursuing, there are not enough hours in the day to give this blog the kind of dedication it deserves.

At its peak, ITM had two additional writers and hundreds of readers, unfortunately we simply fell victim to the real world...."the working man is a sucka!".

However, ITM has been strung along by random posts of videos, nonsensical banter, and Spaceball quotes for the past twelve months. 

While I'm not ruling out an eventual return to Red Sox blogging (this site will remain up and open, with perhaps an occasional rant), it shouldn't be half-assed. 

...not going to lie, a contributing factor to this decision is that without recent blogging, the Sox have seemingly found their stride a bit.  Here's hoping reaching .500 last night is the take off point.

.....and for those of you not in the David Chappelle loop, here is how the title of this post relates.


DVicino said...

My brother with perhaps the best analogy available right now......"yeah man, it was the right thing to do for ITM, not enough time, past its prime, you don't want to pull a Posada."

Pretty golden.

Anonymous said...

Sad day indeed, but it will live on in spirit as I know your rants about the Red Sox's won't stop.

Soxin11' said...

Too bad, - keep the faith - GO SOX!

Anonymous said...

You've stopped blogging and they've won 5 straight games. Coincidence?

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