Wednesday, December 10

Sabathia to Wear Pin Stripes

Multiple sources are saying that the Yankees and CC Sabathia (photo courtesy of the AP) have agreed on a 7 year $161 deal, the richest contract ever for a pitcher at $23 million/year. This deal doesn't surprise me, I didn't think any other team would shell out that kind of money for Sabathia. A 7 year deal for a pitcher who's thrown 220+ innings the last 3 years, who's not the most slender guy in town seems like reckless spending.

I think there's a reason why the Red Sox have won 2 World Series titles in the last 5 years and the Yankees are in a drought, anyone born after October 2000 has never seen the Yanks win a World Series, how long must those kids wait! The Sox are much more frugal with their contracts, and would never sign a pitcher to a 7 year deal. The Sox are said to have had no real interest in signing Sabathia, probably for the reasons outlined above.

On the flip side look at the Yankees, they just offered about $60 million more then anyone else was offering to Sabathia. The Brew Crew offered 5 years $100, and I bet on some level they are happy the aren't going to be paying that. The Giants are handcuffed with Barry Zito's deal, the Dodgers would probably prefer to have Manny in their line up and need money to sign him; same can be said for the Angels and Texeria. Make no mistake about it, the current economic recession is going to affect the way every team negotiates with free agents; except the Yankees.

In 2012 we'll look back and see how Sabathia is holding up and how wise of an investment New York made. Will they have won a World Series, maybe, maybe not. If Sabathia hits the downside of his career in 2011 or 2012 the Yankees will be looking at another $70 to 90 million they have to pay to Sabathia, just the latest in a string on bad contracts.

Although as I wrote that last paragraph I heard that the Sabathia might have an opt out clause after 3 years. Not sure if it's only Sabathia that has the right to opt out of his contract, we'll have to wait and see what the final deal looks like.

Other Hot Stove News:

The Tigers traded for Rangers catcher Gerald Larid, and the Orioles traded Ramon Hernadez to the Reds for second baseman Ryan Freel and some cash. Scratch those two teams off the "need catching" list. It looks more and more like Tek could end up back with the Sox, although no real discussions have taken place about a contract.

The Mets signed closer Francisco Rodriguez, Krod, to a 3 year $37 million deal. Going back to a past post I believe I made this my Tim Murphy Stone Cold Locke Lead Pipe Keystone Light A1 prediction, mark it zero, next frame prediction. I have a gift my friends.

No real movement on Mark Texeria. The Red Sox, Angels, and Nationals (really?) are said to be the top 3 teams in the hunt. Don't count out the Yankees either, I'm sure they don't have a problem getting in a bidding war for Tex's services.

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