Wednesday, December 10

Sox make Tek an offer

I'm in the camp of don't trust Scott Boras as far as you can throw him, but if you believe him, the Sox have made an offer to their catcher and captain Jason Varitek. No real details are known at this point, but judging by Scott's choice of words, the Sox have made a significant offer.

“Certainly, Boston let us know they want him back,” said Boras.

I can't say this is all that surprising given that the Sox are running low on behind the plate options next year. In addition, the number of teams with sincere interest in Tek is dwindling. We all know what assuming does, but I'll go ahead and assume the Sox offered Tek a two year deal at an overpriced market rate.

....I'm still holding out hope that we can pull in a guy like Salty, or another young catcher Tek could mentor for a season or two, setting the Sox up for the future. Wishful thinking I assume.

Other ITM Sox Updates:

-I'll go ahead and assume another thing, Julio Lugo's name hasn't been mentioned by a team outside of the Red Sox this week.

- Word on the street in Vegas is that the Red Sox have contacted Youk and his agent in regards to a long term deal. Get out your check books.

- Another rumor heard around the strip is that Jason Bay is also looking to extend his stay in Boston beyond next year.....calling his move to Boston "invigorating".


Anonymous said...

Sox signing Texeria, signing tek and trading for one of the Rangers young catchers would be the ideal off season moves in my mind. Let tek mentor one of those kids.

D Vicino said...

Just an attempt to update this story....according to sources close to the deal, despite what Scott Boras publically annouced yesterday, the Sox have not provided Jason Varitek with an offer beyond arbitration....

This is exactly why I prefaced my article by saying "if you believe what comes out of Scott's mouth"...clowntowns I tell ya, all of em.

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