Thursday, July 30

Let's Try Not to Hit the Panic Button....Yet

I'm not in panic mode yet, not with the talent and capabilities I know this Red Sox team holds. I am however, a little nervous that the recent run of inconsistent and frustrating play will force the Sox into a panic move come tomorrow at 4pm.

I trust Theo and all, but I continue to feel that this team is of championship caliber as currently constituted. The problem has been the timing of their struggles. The Yankees and Rays went through their problems at the beg ginning of the year while, unfortunately for RSN, the Sox are struggling at the trade deadline. Quality starts from the rotation alongside offensive production has been seemingly impossible to line up.

Clearly this team is better than the level they've produced of late, on all fronts. As with any team, holes and weaknesses remain, but sacrificing the farm for someone other than Halladay may be a stretch. If you look at career numbers, most on the Sox are below their norms, suggesting that, if you believe in the value of historical numbers, an improvement can be expected.

I'll default to that saying of, at the end of the year, the players numbers will be there. I'm just praying this year isn't an anomaly.

Go Sox

(and I bet you thought I'd have a panic-written post this morning.....Nope.......check back this afternoon if they lose though)

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