Thursday, November 26

Happy Turkey Day Boston, Gonzo Signs With the Jays

I'm two seconds away from settling into my turkey-induced coma when I hear that Gonzo has signed with the Bluejays. The news certainly won't stop me from collapsing into a chair for a few hours, but it does rub me the wrong way.

I understand the Sox not picking up his initial option, but I was truly hoping they would negotiate a lesser contract for 2010. Gonzo could have been a solid stop gap next year while Boston's Cuban sensation develops down on the farm (is it way too early to call him a sensation?).

So the Sox will now certainly acquire a shortstop from outside the organization to fill their ever-changing faces at short. As we all know, Theo wouldn't care if he never saw Jed Lowrie again, so it's likely the Sox may be looking to the NL for a filler in 2010. As cool as Marco Scurtaro's name is, the answer is not overpaying for a 34 year old short stop who has had one solid year. Awesome name aside of course.

What bothers me about the Gonzo signing is it was for 1 year, at 3 million (of course affordable for the Sox), and we'll get to see his masterful skills 19 times a season since he'll stay in the AL East. It makes me wonder how serious Theo was about resigning him in the first place....perhaps it indicates he has bigger, better plans in the works.

For once, just once, I want a value-added short stop who isn't an offensive liability at the plate. Something I may have to wait for Jose Iglesias to have.

I promise I trust in Theo this off season, but I can't help but feel a little anxious (which you could also call nervous) about the implications of the potential roster changes (see Roy Halladay).

It's quite possible the Sox will have an entirely new left side of the infield in 2010. In Theo I trust....I swear.....I think.

Now back to my regularly schedule Thanksgiving food coma.

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Anonymous said...

Trust in Theo...there most likely will be a new left side of the infield. Don't be surprised though, if it includes Jed (can I stay healthy enough to show what I can do) Lowrie. Say bye bye to the 2007 WS MVP. Say hello to the other Gonzo....Adrian (short right field porch @ Fenway is made for him).


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