Tuesday, December 1

Adam Everett? Why Not Just Bring Back 49 Year Old John Valentin?

The possibility of Dusty moving to the shortstop position is worth a post of its own....and to be honest, that was my plan for tonight. However, I stumbled upon a story that the Red Sox have reached out to Adam Everett in their search for a new "fix" in the six hole.

Really? ...

This is the plan? Are we skipping over the dollars to pick up the pennies? Can I be the first to suggest to bring back John Valentin instead of signing this guy??? (PS: Valentin is actually only 42, but I called him 49 to reinforce my point in the headline, you understand)

I can't help but get a little frustrated when I read stories like these. We pass up on Gonzo (see below), and instead of pushing for a sincere upgrade to address Boston's black hole, Theo wows us with this guy? He's basically a white Alex Gonzalez but hits even less. Are reports like this aimed at lulling Red Sox Nation into believing that picking up Marco Scutaro is the answer?

Well it's not changing my frame of mind. A 34 year old, one year wonder, type A free agent in Scutaro (who will cost us draft picks), is certainly not the answer. Moreover, putting all your eggs in the collective basket of a 19 year old who just swam away from Cuba isn't the absolute answer either.

Call me overly optimistic, but I'm still holding out hope for Han-Ram..... Or at lest, if you're going to try to fix something that isn't broken, and move Dusty to short, bring in Dan Uggla or Brandon Phillips to make the change absolutely worth it.

In Theo we trust???

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