Saturday, February 27

Pedroia Takes Iglesias Under His Wing: Be Concerned


Earlier today, I struggled through watching Tom Caron and company complain about it being "cold" in Ft Myers. Meanwhile, my car's doors were frozen shut this morning as a result of Boston's weather of take your skirt off TC, you're getting paid very well to spend your late winter in Southern Florida with Heidy Watney and the Boston Red Sox....No more complaining.

With that off my chess, I can move onto the best Dustin Pedroia quote I've heard all year.

Apparently, the little guy has taken a liking to Jose' Iglesisas; the twenty year old short stop who ITM manages to work into every post, who has an outgoing personality of his own. Predoia has taken Iglesias under his wing.

The second basemen (and apparent clubhouse leader at just 26) recently had Iglesias over to his house for a BBQ in an attempt to get to know each other better. You figure, sooner than later, these two will be spinning double plays up the middle at Fenway....and despite a partial language barrier, they'll be bantering back and forth the entire time.

One bench coach went so far as to say the two of them should have a reality TV show together. Pedroia didn't give me much time to let my mind wonder about the possible things being said between the two.....

While working together on double play feeds, Pedroia helped Iglesias with his timing and feeds.....but when Pedroia received a feed from Iglesias at a different location than he wanted, he shouted (jokingly...I hope): "Just remember, when we're out here, I'm F'n Fidel Castro, and you're just a peasant!"

Welcome to America Jose', and welcome to the middle infield in Boston, I hope you like it.

As much as I bitched about Spring Training below, it also serves to focus on the few non stressful items associated with baseball in Boston. Sure I'm concerned about overall health and how the new guys are fitting in, but let's be honest, Pedroia's antics, and Iglesias' fielding, are significantly more important at this point.

To check out Pedey dominating a push up competition, click here.

That will quickly change as we approach April 4th. Go Sox.

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