Wednesday, March 3

Calm Down, It's Northeastern and BC

Just a quick mid-afternoon rant here......

Casey Kelly is a stud. He's a great athlete with all the talent in the world.....and he's likely to be up with the big boys sooner than later (although not this year)......let's just remember one thing: It's Northeastern and BC they're playing today.......

I had a coworker run over to my desk to tell me Casey Kelly threw a perfect inning.....'s Direct Quote: "It's Casey Kelly's world and we're all just living in it. The phenom retired the side on 10 pitches, seven strikes."

Sure let's get excited.....but pump the breaks and realize some context. The game isn't even televised.

I mean, Ino Guerrero, one of the team's staff members, pinch hit for Ortiz in the 5th inning (he grounded out, and presumably hurt himself trying to leg out an infield single to save face).

I'm right there with everyone with the excitement. Sure I'll be checking the box score and I've already refreshed about 9 times for updates....but I'm trying to remind myself (via this post) and everyone else that we're not talking about a true Spring Training's not a game against an AL East rival.....or even a farm team......or even a collegiate powerhouse like Texas or LSU.....we're essentially talking about a structured practice against the mediocre baseball schools of Northeastern and BC. Yes, we're talking about practice.

All that said, it is nice to know we're getting closer to "real" games......and I'd love to see Pedroia crush some lasers right at the college kids in the field.

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