Saturday, March 6

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Draft Day

(Yes this is our League's photo....and yes our league name is "Jim Abbott's Stumps"...what of it?)

There are a handful of very important weekends throughout the year......Easter weekend, July 4th etc....and then there's the fantasy baseball draft weekend.

In our distorted world, the word fantasy should be struck from the phrase, to us, it's very real.....and it's this weekend.

The draft may be tonight at 7pm, but people have started congregating in Plymouth since last night. Wives are left at home, children and dogs are nearly forgotten, it's game time.

Hours, days and weeks of preparation are put into draft strategies and projections......only for some of us to have a few too many adult beverages before it even begins, resulting in selecting Steven Drew in the third round (it happens).

The continuous question is always whether or not to draft a Red Sox ballplayer for your fantasy team. Personally, I have Dusty as my second basemen (who I kept as a part of my keeper league), and it can be difficult to watch.

Last year, I also had David Ortiz....which is why I wrote constant posts about how terrible he was for the first two months....he effectively sank my chances last year.

This year will be you draft Dice-K as a ultra late round pick as a back end arm? He's got upside, but he's on your "real" team....which you stress out about everyday anyways....why compound the stress levels?

Should be an interesting night and spring training, both fantasy and real.

Game on.


Anonymous said...

Drafting Steven Drew may be a bad decision, but drafting Dice-K would be worse.

Hope the drinks didn't cause any questionable choices.

See How Much I Poured? said...

Looking back at it (and at my current roster), the drinks definitely caused some interesting picks. That said, "Roger Dorn's Revenge" will still dominate.

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