Thursday, March 11

J-Bay's Feelings Are Hurt: Did He Not Play in This City?

I don't pretend to know Jason Bay....but he seems like a stand up guy from the Great White North. He's a quality ball player that gives it his all and keeps to himself. In the end, he wanted more money and years than the Red Sox, and every other rational team in baseball, were willing to pony up.

He went to the Mets.
....that sad, red-headed stepchild of a baseball team in NYC. Most Sox fans got past it with relative ease....but that doesn't mean we forget.

J-Bay was greeted by some boos when the Sox played the Mets in a Spring Training away game this afternoon. According to

Upon stepping into the batter’s box in second inning of New York’s game against the Red Sox, at Tradition Field Jason Bay was announced to the fans at the spring training home of the Mets and was peppered with a smattering of “boos.” Bay’s reaction? “I thought it was a little harsh,” the former Red Sox outfielder said with a grin. When asked how he would classify the reception, Bay explained, “It was luke-warm, at best.”

Upon hearing the explanation, Mets third baseman David Wright yelled over, “For everything you brought to that city, they should cheer for you.” Bay seemed genuinely amused — while still somewhat surprised — coming away from the re-introduction to his former teammates with an understanding of the situation.

“They travel well,” said Bay of the Red Sox fans in attendance. “I didn’t expect to get cheered. I’m not there anymore.”

J-Bay and D Wright have to be kidding.....right? Didn't J-Bay play in Boston for more than a year? He knows how much our hometown team means to us. Everything about the Sox has an irrational effect on our lives....when you're on our team (and you produce), you're god....but when you run to another team equally far away from your "home" for more money....well then see we have a problem.

Let's be honest, if the Sox lose a tough game, most people know to stay away from me the next day. My wife sometimes grabs me a beer out of the fridge and hands it to me without saying a word. I liked J-Bay, I still only call him by his nickname.....but it's not like he put us on his back and brought us to the promise land. We don't owe him a thing. If anything, Boston brought him into the spotlight and made him a household name (as well as a boatload of money).

Unless he's on my fantasy team, he's no longer on my radar. He can get swallowed by the giant new stadium in New York.....and storm on home when his Mets eventually blow any chance of making the playoffs once the games become significant.

J-Bay, you know better. We loved you. However, now some of us will still cheer for you, some will boo, but most of us just won't care.


Soxin10' said...

Bay needs to get over it, but I think he gets a decent, semi respectful response when he comes back to Fenway.

Soxin10' said...

Bay needs to get over it, but I think he gets a decent, semi respectful response when he comes back to Fenway.

See How Much I Poured? said...

The Mets thought of him and his contract as less risky than Lackey....that immediately makes me feel that we made the right decision. (J-Bay himeself called it "a great move")

Always pick against the Mets...they're the Mush of the MLB:

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