Tuesday, March 9

Could You Deal With 10 More Years of Dice-K?

10 More Years. 10 More Years.

The Diceman told WEEI this morning that he would like to play at least 10 more years in the United States.....and hopes to pitch until he is 44 or 45. He cited Nolan Ryan as his role model. Dice-k said:

“I think both personally and from a family standpoint we’re all enjoying our lives over here in the U.S., and if at all possible I would like to play over here as long as I can,” ......“I guess in the very least I hope that I can play for at least another 10 years here in the U.S. Yeah, 10 years is a long time and it’s tough to imagine what it’s going to be like that far out, but at the same time when I’m 40, or older than 40, I want to still be able to pitch.”

Nolan Ryan is a great role model to have....especially if he needs to learn the proper way to lock Robin Ventura in a headlock and beat the bag out of the guy....plus he was a decent hurler.

While I can appreciate optomism and ambition.....I'm not sure I can deal with 10 more years of Dice-K. Sure, he's still in his prime and likely has some good pitching ahead of him....but 10 more years of 145 pitches over 5 innings? 10 more years of constant bases loaded jams and pressure situations? Two years ago, there was a novelty to it, and more often than not, he somehow got out of it.....but that got old fast when hitters started spraying rockets all the way to Japan off of him.

As a die-hard Sox fan....I'm not sure if I can justify 10 more years of Dice-K to my doctor....or my wife....or my job. (ITM note: I'm also not entirely sure the Boston bullpen would look forward to another decade of the Diceman....think about how bored they must get out there.....and then think about how much more taxed they are as a result of his inefficiency).

Either way, those are some lofty expectations for a guy entering the season as at best, a number four pitcher.

Dice-K wants us to believe in him for the next decade, but first he needs to convince he's deserving of being here just this year.

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