Wednesday, May 19

The NY Headlines

Haven't contributed in too long, so thought I'd return with my old favorite: the headlines I saw on the way to work the morning after a Sox victory over the Yanks...

NY Post: Bad Thames! (The pun isn't quite close enough, in my opinion. You wonder for a second whether it's referring to sporting squads or a point in history.)

NY Post: Yanks Drop the Ball (That's more like it. A figure of speech that turns out to be literally true. There's the quality I expect.)

NY Daily News: Joba and Mo falter as BoSox Bounce Back. (Always appreciate some good old fashioned alliteration.)

NY Daily News: Yanks Waste Sabatthia Solid Outing. (Silver lining.)

New York Magazine: Marcus Thames Giveth, Marcus Thames Taketh Away (My personal favorite for the day.)

New York Times: Rain Delay, Then a Very Long Game (I love that the Times isn't even pretending it's interested in sports anymore.)

USA Today: LeBron Talking With Eddy Curry, Should Knicks Be Worried? (I know that's not a NY paper, but I loved it for so many reasons.)

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