Wednesday, June 16

A Boston Casting Call At Fenway Tonight: Die Hards Only

Believe it or not, ITM actually receives a lot of emails like the one below. Most of the time, we immediately hit delete and/or ignore it. However, with the majority of ITM's army of writers (all three of us) traveling for work, this was an easy post for me.

In addition, I have to believe that if I were in Boston this week, I'd go down to Fenway and test my luck...once I got on TV I would rock a blow out and talk like Pauly D from Jersey Shore....that same strategy has lined their pockets.....My last name ends in a vowel, and unlike the members of the Jersey Shore cast, I can actually speak Italian fairly well (especially when drunk). Anyways, check it out and run down to Game On if you have interest.

Either way, the Sox will once again be the true center of attention after Game 7 on's time to refocus.

Did you cry the day Johnny Damon went to the Yankees? Would you travel thousands of miles to see a Red Sox game? Would you go to Fenway Park no matter what the weather?

Boston Casting is seeking DIE HARD Red Sox Fans for a television commercial. We want to know what makes you such a devoted fan!

Come to our Open Casting Call:

Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Time: 5 pm – 8 pm
Location: Outside GAME ON 82 Lansdowne Street Boston, MA 02215

Only DIE HARD FANS will be considered.

If chosen, you must be available Saturday, June 19 and Sunday, June 20 for the shoot.

PS: AKA - Pink hats need not apply.

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