Monday, June 14

Now This Is How You Get Ejected From A Game: Continued

Again, I hate to re post things from Barstool, but since this is a continuation of an amazingly popular video we talked about a few days ago....I've been left with no choice.

Most coaches get tossed, kick some dirt, then go back to smoke a stogie and soak in the hot tub. Not Wally Backman. He finds his way into the umpire's office after the game and gets in his final words. Way to hammer home your point Wally. Say what you want about this man's unprofessional nature, but he won the argument, I'd want this guy on my team for damn sure.

Word on the street in Alabama is that T Murph is desperately trying to get Backman to coach his slow pitch softball team. Clearly this guy has outgrown his minor league responsibilities....

Keep in mind there is some foul language in this video (which adds to its value in my book). Enjoy.

PS: How money is his player's face when he's coming out of the umpire's office? He knows what's about to happen, and he couldn't be happier. He's got the "yeah, go light him up coach" smile going. Priceless.

Off day for the Sox tonight? What's that about??


Soxin10' said...

Backman must be looking for a big league job at this point!

JimJoyceSucks said...

I wonder if he's leaving a ticket for Erin Andrews at all of his games now as well?

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