Monday, June 7

Dice-K Is Showing ITM UP

Did tonight really happen? I blame grad school for keeping me in and out of the game, but I had to do a double take at the final line for Dice-K:

-8 shutout innings, 4 hits, only 2 walks, and 5 K's?

But wait, doesn't that make it 4 quality starts in his last 5 outings? Doesn't he know that he was overdue for a Dice-K blow up" (I know, I'm jinxing his next start). He extended a scoreless inning streak to 15 straight tonight by continuing his strategy of attacking hitters and not falling victim to the big inning.

I must say, I'm starting to eat my words on the Diceman. Maybe Tom Verducci was indeed right....and between the two of them, they're giving ITM a big "hey, see how much I poured?"

Either way, I'll stop asking questions and take it. His ERA is 4.59, but if you exclude a two of his complete shellings from early in his return, and it's closer to 3. Regardless, his current ERA is still lower than both Lackey's (4.72 ), Wakefield's (6.02) and Beckett's (7.29).

Given Beckett's continued injuries and Lackey's crap show, Dice-K may just end up being the X factor that I completely dismissed from Verducci. See how much he poured?

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