Thursday, September 9 - Continued Fail

Watch the full video here.

Now I'm sure none of you watched this entire video, if you did, I apologize, I owe you 5 minutes and 2 seconds of your life back.

However all it takes is about 30 seconds of watching this until you want to punch this guy in the face right? I mean, sure, he's dropping some random Red Sox facts, most of which we don't care much about since this team is playing meaningless September games with its minor league players on the Fenway lawn, but is this guy for real?

WEEI needs to learn from what Yahoo Sports (see post below) and the rest of the online media already know. Putting nerds with glasses and what looks to be either a bowling league or fake tux t-shirt on your website just doesn't work.

Why do you think NESN kicked Eric Frede to the sidelines in favor or Heidi Watney? Why is Erin Andrews so famous? How do you think an ITM reader came up with the name "Yum Yum Angela Sun"?

Hot chicks rattling off sports knowledge sells, and sells duckets. This guy simply doesn't. (See evidence in pic below:

If WEEI keeps it up, they'll just continued to get dogged by Naughty Massarotti and the Sports Hub.

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