Sunday, January 23

Bradford Working Out With Pedroia, Hilarity Ensues...

Pedroia dominates!  Man I can't wait until the annual ITM trip to Ft Myers....I'll be flying back from London this time's that important.

Either way, Rob Bradford actually managed better than I had expected.  Sure, he looks like the rest of the radio hosts... fat, ugly, middle-aged white guys, but you bet your ass Glen Ordway or John Dennis would never throw themselves into a tiger's ring like that.

Either way, I'm happy to see Pedey looks ready for the season after his foot surgery....he just needs to shave his head or wear a hat....

Bring on baseball season....only 33 days, 18 hours and 59 mins until Red Sox Spring Training (yes, I have an app for that).  Game on, go Sox.

PS:  The other guy in this workout is Andre Ethier

1 comment:

The Laser Show said...

Wear a hat Dustin, where a god damn hat!

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