Tuesday, January 25

Cashman Sees the Writing on the Wall, Says the Sox are Better Than the Yanks

WEEI.com:  "During a question and answer session with fans in New York on Tuesday, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman indicated that at the moment, he feels the Red Sox have a better roster than the Yankees.

 With the Yankees still looking to solidify their starting rotation, Cashman was asked by a local radio host who had the better squad without the Yanks adding another starter. The general manager replied, "Red Sox," and later in the conversation added, "they’ve got guys they can run one through six and I’m looking for a fourth.”

“The biggest problem we have right now is I need a starting pitcher,” Cashman added. "Everybody knows that. I’m going to work on trying to get that. It might come from someone who has decided right now they don’t want to play, it might come from a trade, it might come from within. Time will tell.”

It's about time Cashman came around and saw the writing on the wall.  The crap show that is the New York sports world continues and I couldn't be happier. 

Cashman confirmed that he wasn't involved in the Soriano deal, and now comes out and admits during a candid interview that their arch nemisis is a better team?  What's going on in NYC?  Right now, it seems incredibily unlikely that he'll resign with the Yanks.....disarray in NYC, I love it.

I tell you what, if I'm a Yankee fan, I'm pissed right now.  Do you think Theo would ever come out and say the Yankees were a better team than the Red Sox?  Shit no, he'd make up some random stat that indicated the Sox play better than the Yanks on the road against a right handed pitcher under the age of thirty on cloudy days south of the Mason-Dixon line......and just like that, we'd irrationally buy in.

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