Wednesday, January 26

Meet the Man Who is Going to Save the Yankees...

In a move that has shaken the rest of the AL East to its core, the Yankees have solidified all of their starting pitching need by shelling out 900k to a 37 year old 5 foot 2 inch, 379 pound pitcher who didn't pitch in the majors last year.

Agon and Carl Crawford?  The Yanks have officially evened the playing field in the toughest division in baseball.  See how much they poured?

After getting douched on by the media, Cashman has gotta feel good about himself on this low risk high reward transaction.  He really pulled the shade over on Theo with this one.

...In all seriousness, I think regardless of who signed Bartolo I'd be writing this post.  Seriously though, how does this mass of a man continue to find work?  900k?  Not bad for a guy who has no business playing baseball anymore, nonetheless on the Yankees.

And now that I've typed this, he'll throw on the pinstripes, lose 200 pounds, and go 17-4 for the Yankees.

PS:  My condolences go out to Patrick Murray and all of Rhode Island.  Rocco Baldelli has officially retired at the age of 63...or 47...or 29, whatever he is.  Regardless, safe to say flags will be at half staff in Cumberland, RI tomorrow.

1 comment:

Soxin11'! said...

Bartolo and CC in the same rotation? The Yankees better increase their clubhouse food budget.

Talk about a heavyweight rotation!

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