Monday, January 31

Crossing the Atlantic for Spring Training

A few weeks ago, ITMGal and I jumped at the opportunity to spend the next 6 months with our respective companies across the pond in London. 

Sadly, before officially signing the dotted line, I started to sweat.  "What about the Sox?, my trip to Spring Training?  The day when JD Drew goes down with a hangnail and I can't immediately blog about it?"

All legit concerns in my book, not so much for others. 

Either way, I just used a ridiculous amount of air miles and two extra vacation days to book my flight from London back to Boston....only to recheck my bags after immigration to fly straight down to Ft Myers.  Spring Training, this year, is simply that important.

Surely my coworkers in London won't understand my actions, but that's likely going to be the case for every day of the 6 months I'm there.

Seriously though, one of the most exciting off season in recent memory and I'll be watching Sox games at 3 AM local time and discussing lineup options over tea and crumpets with someone who doesn't know how many outs there are in an inning.

A quick google search of Red Sox pubs in London came up empty....but I'm confident I can find a few.  Knock on wood for me.

That said, be ready for all sorts of random rants and photos as I go one on one with the Brits.  Go Sox, Go USA.

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